The nursing team consists of professional nursing staff that includes the Director of Care, Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), and Continuing Care Assistants (CCA). This department provides 24 hour nursing care for each resident at the Mennonite Nursing Home. We have physicians that come to the Mennonite Nursing Home on a regular basis.

The responsibilities of the nursing & care team include providing assistance with all activities of daily living to residents as required. The care team strive to facilitate independence for residents to the extent that they are able. Care plans are individualized for each resident to ensure that all needs are being met.

In fulfilling the Mission Statement the nursing department is dedicated to providing the best of emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual care for its residents within a secure, stimulating Christian atmosphere. Serving our residents—regardless of ethnic, religious or national background—is a priority and is accomplished by providing quality care in a safe environment.

The nursing staff spends much of their day interacting with residents, building close and caring relationships with them.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

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