Many special events for the residents at the Mennonite Nursing Home are planned by the Recreation Department Team. Some of these events include planning special musical programs, monthly birthday parties, church services, Christmas banquets, crackling breakfasts, log cabin dinners, winter and summer socials, memorial services, welcome teas, various denominational communion services and parties of all sorts, as well as regular daily programming.

The recreation staff will also spend time with residents on a one-on-one or individual basis. Activities may include reading a short story or a Scripture passage, holding their hand, talking with them, going for walks, singing a song, playing piano or guitar or praying with them.

Monthly resident activity calendars are prepared and available for family and friends. The calendar is posted on the website and paper copies can be found on the bulletin board outside the Activity office. Resident participation in all activities is voluntary. The Recreation team cares deeply for the residents and works hard to bring special moments of peace and happiness into their lives.

A family newsletter is sent out every other month. It contains announcements from the nursing home, upcoming activities, resident birthday lists and a word from our Chaplain. The newsletters are posted on the website.

The Recreation team is in charge of running Resident Council meetings every other month. We discuss previous month’s activities, upcoming activities, safety for residents, Saskatoon Health Regions Rights and Responsibilities for residents of long term care and if there are any questions, concerns or compliments for all departments in the nursing home. The minutes from the resident council meetings are available in a binder located by the Activity office or on our website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

Mennonite Nursing Home
Box 370
Rosthern, Saskatchewan
S0K 3R0
Phone: 306-232-4861
Fax: 306-232-5611
The Recreation Coordinator is Chalsie Klassen